Friday, November 14, 2014

Light vs Dark

It has been some time since I last update this blog. In that time many things have happened. One thing that I kept thinking or realizing was that in this world, the good of all things do outweigh the bad and the evil.

No doubt bad things still happen all the time with conflicts over idealogy and religion being waged and struggle for power and manipulations going on all the time in our world while the normal good folk faces the consequence.

I believe at the end of it all, there are more good out there in the world than the evil that are trying to wrest power and control.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Long Days and Short Days

Some days in our life passed along so slowly, that one second can feel like a lifetime. Some days just go pass so fast, the would just feel like minutes.

One sometimes wonder why is it that when we are happy, the days passed so fast, while when we are sad, the time just seems to crawl?

If we believe in the balance of the universe between night and day, time by right should be constant, regardless how we feel. But it is not. It is not balanced and it is not impartial.

I had one of the longest and trying time of my life in the last week of March waiting for events to unfold which are beyond my control. Man, am so glad its over!! Time for me that week seems to shuffle from slow to fast and it was then I felt that live is pretty exhilarating. 

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Frankfurt Airport

On a recent trip to Geneva, I had for the first time, the unfortunate experience of missing my connecting flight and hence, having to stay overnight at the Frankfurt airport hotel. 

The airlines took care of it and even gave me vouchers for a feast of a dinner and a very decent breakfast. Knowing me, it is a waste as I hardly eat breakfast. Furthermore, at 5am the next morning, the restaurant wasn't even open.

The hotel I stayed in was pretty decent, its clean and very efficient. The thing I noticed is, how many of the people I saw was in similar situation like me. I doubt anyone would want to stay in this hotel which is at the airport. Everyone I see looked tired and frustrated just like I am after having been in the plane for 12 hrs and now, have to be stuck in transit for another 4-5 hrs of hardly any rest and the thought of waking up at 430am in the morning and heading back to long queues the next morning and security check is NOT appealing. 

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

If All Are Equal

Ok, now markets are falling, people are selling and S&P is downgrading.

So what happens if all becomes equal. In a world full of beggars who will be the king?

The one with the big stick of course!

So now we have two countries with big sticks. One just got downgraded and the other, his major money lender.

The days of mutual destruction via nukes or nuclear deterrent, is more or less over.
Today, its the world of mutual economic benefit or disaster.

No one county in this world can afford another to default.
Perhaps we have arrived at some kind of a yin and yang, night and day equilibrium economically.

Friday, August 05, 2011

24 Hours

The markets move these days in an almost continuous cycle. One day up and one day down. So tell me what change between the 5-8 hours that we spend sleeping and the next ?

You can say information drives the market but information in general is more or less readily available. With all the talking heads on TV telling you all kinds of *news* and breaking developments.

So what drives it? Fear? If all funds stop investing, what would the money do? In the first place, has anyone asked himself/herself where the funds come from ?

Unless the cycle stops - between spending and earning, the markets will just carry on.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Malaysia Day

Malaysia day is over, pretty much like any other day. Quiet and peaceful, just like any other day.
In Malaysia, there was a holiday declared.

It was nice to know that the people there get to be on holiday. It was nice to know that they had fun.

It was nice to see other people smile.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Growing Up

I happen to chance upon some old videos which I took of other's and other's took of me from a span of almost 9 years.

I saw myself then and I see myself now. I realized I have changed a lot. A whole lot. I was such a kid then, just 9 years ago when I thought I was already a grown up but obviously not.

It is quite a realization to see myself in that perspective. Stupid and immature. It took me 9 years to somewhat sort of find myself, if I ever could, or if anybody else ever can to grow up.

I just hope that I could be conscious of my own actions and its effect on others and continue to grow up and old and hopefully wiser as time goes by.